The Learning Center has been the best private preschool in the area for over 40 years. Operated by a former public school pre-k teacher, TLC's curriculum strikes the perfect balance between direct instruction in pre-kindergarten skills and learning through enriching, fun experiences. 

Enrolling your child in TLC has many benefits.

  • A small teacher:student ratio, smaller than any other preschool in the area, including public preschool programs (1 adult for every 7 children)
  • A school environment that is NOT just daycare
  • Professional staff who will assess your child consistently throughout the year, in order to determine which skills your child needs to work on most
  • An experienced and educated staff--all lead teachers have post-secondary degrees in Early Childhood Education or Child Development
  • An environment where your child is allowed to be a child--investigating, being curious, making mistakes, getting messy, practicing getting along with others, and having a wonderful time while learning
  • A loving discipline policy that does not rely on punishments for "misbehavior," but instead uses problems and conflicts as teachable moments
  • Beginning pre-k instruction at age 3, 4, or 5 (even if your child turns 3 during the school year)
  • Experience with various special needs and a staff eager to include students with differing abilities in our classrooms
  • The option to have your child continue learning at TLC if you decide to wait an extra year before starting kindergarten​
  • Affordable annual tuition, which can be paid weekly, monthly, or semi-annually
  • Outside play on a large, shaded playground that has a unique combination of natural elements and playground equipment